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Why you Need Umbrella Insurance

Life is unpredictable. Of course, you already know this. But have you considered all the risks you currently face? Distracted drivers. People using social media to expose others' dirty laundry. Teen drivers, carpools, pets, parties, and even your occasional housekeeper are all examples of everyday risks.

Our society is also more litigious than ever, and lawsuits are commonplace. So it isn't a question of whether something unexpected will happen, it's really a question of when, and how bad it will be.

Many people only carry $100,000 of liability coverage. It sounds like a lot of money, and it is! But, when you're talking about serious injury, especially if multiple people are involved, $100,000 doesn't go very far when you consider medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress, residual pain and scarring, and more.

Here's the scary question: what happens if someone gets hurt and you don't have enough insurance?

That's why umbrella insurance is so important!

If you're like many people, you’ve never heard of umbrella insurance. Simply put, it adds an extra $1 million, or more, of coverage above your existing policies. It gives you greater peace of mind and protects you against life's unexpected surprises.

You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like it.

Umbrella coverage isn't just for high earners. It's for everyone, especially if you:

Own a home

Have regular income

Have retirement savings and other assets to protect

Entertain guests in your home

Have a teenage driver

Host sleepovers, children's parties, carpool children or allow your teen to babysit

Serve on a volunteer board or participate in your

Own a watercraft, RV, snowmobile, ATV, golf cart or other "toy"

Have pets

Own firearms or other recreational weapons

How many of these apply to your life? Each one increases your liability and your need for a risk assessment with an independent agent. Understanding your risk helps you better protect yourself and your family.

Do you have an umbrella policy in place? Talk to Handberg Agency today for more information on your families insurance needs.